Cosmetic line For Kids with its graphical and colorful rendition pleases and stimulates kid‘s imagination and guarantees a cheerful mood among the smallest hotel guests for the whole stay. Our cosmetic collection For Kids is entertaining as well as safe. It complies with the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council No. 1223/2009 and is suitable for children from 3 years.

Mýdlo ve skládaném papíru 15 gŠampon tělový a vlasový v tubě 20 mlSprchový gel v tubě 20mlTělové mléko v tubě 20 mlTaštička na dětskou kosmetikuSlippers ForKids


VariantDescriptionPrice in CZK
without VAT
Pack size (pcs/box)
Demand amount
Order amount
ROFK-SP15Soap in wrapped paper 15 g, package 500/100 pcs2,80 CZK500 ks ks
ROFK-HBS20Hair & body shampoo in tube 20 ml, package 500/50 pcs4,45 CZK500 ks ks
ROFK-BSG20Bath & shower gel in tube 20 ml, package 500/50 pcs4,45 CZK500 ks ks
ROFK-BL20Body lotion in tube 20 ml, package 500/50 pcs4,85 CZK500 ks ks
ROFK-BOXcosmetic bag-empty, package 300/50 pcs15,50 CZK300 ks ks
ROFK-SLCTVelour slippers FK with close toe, package 100 pcs32,90 CZK100 ks ks