Shoe shiner Shoebooster® ESFO Plus

Shoebooster® ESFO Plus Onyx Black
Shoebooster® ESFO Plus Ruby RedShoebooster® ESFO Plus Creme WhiteShoebooster® ESFO Plus GreyShoebooster® ESFO Plus Onyx Black - descriptionLeather balm in replaceable bottles 150 ml

Made In Sweden, Timeless Scandinavian design,
polish dispenser capacity: 150 ml with ball valve,
1 horsehair brush for cleaning,
1 supersoft goathair brush for polishing,
optical senzor for start, auto power off after 45s,
stable chrome base, engine with long lifetime


  • control: optical senzor
  • number of brushes: 2
  • dimensions (h × w × d): 300×550×260 mm
  • polish can volume: 150 ml
  • weight: 11kg
  • diameter Brushes: 12,5 cm
  • power: 135 W


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VariantDescriptionPrice in CZK
without VAT
Pack size (pcs/box)
Demand amount
Order amount
ESFO100PLUSBcolour Onyx Black20 900,- CZK ks ks
ESFO100PLUSRcolour Ruby Red20 900,- CZK ks ks
ESFO100PLUSWcolour Creme White20 900,- CZK ks ks