Boxspring with springs

Boxspring s pružinovým jádrem a matrací
Boxspríng s pružinovým jádrem

construction: DTD
subframe: solid spruce
load area - solid desk coated spring core
upholstery cover: Microfibra or customer defined
including 2 wooden legs (solid beech, transparent varnish)+ 2 wheels
Total height (without mattress): 37cm
Mentioned prices are without mattress!
Additional charges:
- enlarged lenght 210cm: 10% add. charges, 220cm: 20% add. charges,
- coloured paint of legs (without varnish): +100,-
- varnish surface of legs (brush pickling, painted): +200,-
Due to the production of hotel Boxsprings the minimum ordering quantity is 5 pieces.


  • load area: spring-interior
  • number of wheels: 2


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VariantDescriptionPrice in CZK
without VAT
Pack size (pcs/box)
Demand amount
Order amount
BXP80200width/length: 80 x 200 cm5 350,- CZK ks ks
BXP90200width/length: 90 x 200 cm5 590,- CZK ks ks
BXP100200width/length: 100 x 200 cm5 970,- CZK ks ks
BXP160200width/length: 160 x 200 cm11 230,- CZK ks ks
BXP180200width/length: 180 x 200 cm11 750,- CZK ks ks
SupplementDescriptionPrice in CZK
without VAT
Pack size (pcs/box)
Demand amount
Order amount
NVSBSconnection set - pair399,- CZK ks ks
NVMNadditional charge for special brush pickling + varnish of legs295,- CZK ks ks