Hollow fibre duvet SUPER

Přikrývka duté vlákno SUPER

Filling: 100% hollow polyester fiber
Top cloth: brushed Microfibra 100% PES material
Quilted with 450 g/m2 siliconized fiber in form of fleece.
washable at 60°C, suitable for allergy sufferers.
Duvet is trimmed with elastic piping.
Packed in plastic bag.
Minimum order: 10 pieces per type


  • filling: fleece - hollow fiber
  • cover material: bevels
  • wash temperature: 60°C
  • nonallergenic: yes


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VariantDescription Price in CZK
without VAT
Pack size (pcs/box)
Demand amount
Order amount
SBPR90135550Srozměr: 90 x 135 cm 310,- CZK ks ks
SBPR1202001080Sdimensions: 120x200 cm, filling 1080 g 484,- CZK ks ks
SBPR1402001260Sdimensions: 140x200 cm,filling 1260 g
540,- CZK ks ks
SBPR1402101320Sdimensions: 140x210 cm, filling 1320 g 599,- CZK ks ks
SBPR1402201390Sdimensions: 140x220 cm, filling 1390 g 657,- CZK ks ks
SBPR1502201485Srozměr: 150 x 220 683,- CZK ks ks
SBPR1602001440Sdimensions: 160x200 cm, filling 1440 g 650,- CZK ks ks
SBPR2002001800Sdimensions: 200x200 cm, filling 1800g 784,- CZK ks ks
SBPR2302202270Srozměr: 230x220 cm, náplň 2270g 1 058,- CZK ks ks