Minibar Alda 30 Absorp NEW

minibar Alda 30 Absorp New XC-30AM bez náplně
minibar Alda 30 Absorp New XC-30AM

The ALDA 30 Absorp minibar is one of the best and most common solutions for a hotel room. It excels with reduced electricity consumption by up to 12% compared to conventional minibars. Thanks to its construction and the technology used, it does not show any audible noise. The minibar is also equipped with quality LED lighting and has the option of both left and right opening. The standard of this minibar is also adjustable temperature (thermostat) and automatic defrosting. There are two shelves in the minibar door, there are two adjustable grilles in the interior of the minibar. A connecting rail for installation is also included.


  • Color: dark grey
  • Cooling type: absorption
  • Noise class: A
  • Volume: 30 l
  • Thawing: automatic
  • Weight: 14,90 kg
  • Consumption: 0,65 kW/24 hod.
  • Output: 53 W
  • Dimensions (h × w × d): 530×400×422 mm
  • Glass door: no
  • Lightening: LED
  • Equipment: 2 shelfs, 2 adjustable grids


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