Digital safe Alda DIGI Mini NEW

Trezor Alda Digi Mini NEW

motorized opening ( 4 - 6 numbers ),
LED display,
emergency open with mastercode or key,
audit for 100 last operations,
free standing or to build in,
carpet inside, power 4 AA bateries (low consumption of electricity)
weight: 11kg


  • Color: dark grey
  • Control: dial
  • Weight: 6,70 kg
  • Dimensions (h × w × d): 200×350×200/220 mm
  • Lock type: engine
  • Audit: 100 operations
  • Safety class: not
  • Material: metal
  • Volume: 0,009 m3
  • Lightening: no
  • Laptop: no


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VGR2035Digital safe Alda DIGI Mini NEW2 375,- CZK1 ks ks