Sustainable grab handle, U-shaped

Madlo podpěrné ve tvaru U

Base dimensions (h x w) 250 x 100 mm
Dimensions of the handle: 600, 813, 916 mm

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301102061length of handless 813 mm / stainless1 486,- CZK pcs pcs
301102062length of handless 813 mm / brushed1 609,- CZK pcs pcs
301102064length of handless 813 mm / white866,- CZK pcs pcs
301102051length of handless 600 mm / stainless1 265,- CZK pcs pcs
301102052length of handless 600 mm / brushed1 365,- CZK pcs pcs
301102054length of handless 600 mm / white801,- CZK pcs pcs
301102992length of handless 916 mm / stainless steel1 726,- CZK pcs pcs